Welcome to Bloor West Village...

Not only a fantastic shopping area, but one of the most unique neighbourhoods in Toronto. This area also borders High Park, making it a perfect living place for families to grow.

The Good News

Nothing can top Bloor West Village for its access to small locally owned businesses. With its local butchers, hair salons, bars, and restaurants, you may find yourself not wanting to leave the area for downtown.

The Bad News

You may find items and services in the area slightly more expensive than what you would find downtown. You can argue that you’re being spared the inconvenience of travelling farther afield for what you’re looking for, but take care with your shopping. As well, you may find signs of gentrification happening, with larger business franchises taking up space from privately owned businesses.

Homes, Architecture, and Real Estate

Most of the neighbourhood homes actually reside in Runnymede to the north and Swansea to the south. Most homes are Victorian-era buildings that have been renovated into larger homes, with some converted into apartments. Most homes are detached, with a small number of semi-detached homes dotting the surrounding area.

The High Park Condominium complex can be found in the nearby High Park neighbourhood at 70 High Park Avenue, as well as the Home Condominiums at 383 Ellis Park Road, providing modern comfort with close neighbourhood access. Both are also steps away from High Park.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Because of the small size of the neighbourhood devoted to retail and services, most of the schools in the area are found a short distance away in the surrounding Runnymede and Swansea neighbourhoods.

  • Humberside Montessori School (121 Kennedy Avenue, 416-762-8888)
  • Runnymede Junior and Senior Public School (357 Runnymede Avenue, 416-393-9055)
  • Humberside Collegiate Institute (280 Quebec Avenue, 416-393-0000)

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