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The University of Toronto is situated on the border of Queen’s Park in the city’s core, and it has continued growing since its foundation in 1827. Today, it is considered Canada’s premier university, and it’s known internationally for its influential research.

The Good News

The region surrounding the University of Toronto is stunning. Historical touches throughout the campus are contrasted with modern buildings constructed in the 21st century. The central location also means it’s minutes from some of Toronto’s most well-known neighbourhoods.

The Bad News

Being close to a University campus, the area is home to many students. This means that you may encounter student parties and other loud behaviour. The area is bustling for eight months of the year, but the good news is that it quiets down when the students are home for the holidays. The historical buildings and central location also mean a higher price tag, so prepare to pay a heft sum if you’re not looking to live like a student.

Homes, Architecture, and Real Estate

The architecture of the area is a combination of Romanesque and Gothic Revival buildings dating between 1858 and 1929. Landmark buildings like Hart House have beautiful stained-glass windows and high ceilings. The Trinity College building has Jacobethan Tudor architecture, and its chapel has interiors of Indiana Limestone.

The Annex is where you’ll find the most residential space, with Victorian and Edwardian mansions built there between 1880 and the early 1900’s. There are also a handful of homes south of College Street, many of which are sectioned off to be rented to students who want to live in the area to be close to school.

Combined Shape

Parks and Green Spaces

The University of Toronto area is very dense with buildings, but it also has some of the city’s most treasured green spaces to sit down and read a book.

These include lawns and flowers surrounding big buildings like Robarts Library and the numerous courtyards in the region. A designated area called Front Campus at King’s College Circle is a large green space in front of Convocation Hall. You’re also close to Hart House circle, a green area for the Hart House building.

The largest park in the area is of course Queen’s Park. Its large oval shape is outfitted with bike paths and benches throughout, as well as several monuments and statues commemorating historical events and people.


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