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  1. From Chicago and just came from a seminar. They mentioned you and your site. Very nice. Do you have a webmaster that did this for you? If so appreciate the referral.

  2. Hello, I own a vila in Greece that I would like to sell. Would you be able to assist in this transaction as I am looking for a Canadian buyer. The property is worth approx. 800K+ Euros

    Can an ontario licensed real estate agent place this on MLS…Do you not need an international licence?

    I await your feedback and will call you accordingly – Thank you

  3. I’m looking for a FURNISHED rental ideally in the Annex as I’ve lived in the Annex for many years and am a fully employed lawyer. I need at least a two bedroom and prefer a house with access to a backyard but would consider a condo with access to a balcony. I do not want shared accommodation – it must be completely private. I also prefer to have at least two bathrooms. This is for me and my 20 year old son. I’m looking for a short term rental starting March 1st that is clean, bright and well furnished. I would consider other neighbourhoods if necessary. Please let me know if you have anything available for my consideration. Thank you.

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