What if your commute was an elevator ride? Building Office Condominiums

06.7.18 | Business

Back in 2013, Jim Burtnick had a foreign client moving his family from Egypt to Toronto. He was looking both for residential and office space. So Jim introduced him to 7 St Thomas, which was just being launched at that time. It was a new project that really caught Jim’s attention for a number of reasons. One was because of its architecture. It has a heritage component and then a very modern component, so it was very unique. It was in a triple A location in the heart of Yorkville and also it was an office condo. Jim recognized the value in this new type of real estate  on the market and eventually ended up taking 7 St Thomas project to sell it on behalf of the developer.

Find out more about condominium offices in this video presentation by Jim Burtnick.

[fvplayer src=”https://youtu.be/zxFpAF4joIU” width=”780″ height=”440″ align=”left” splash=”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/zxFpAF4joIU/maxresdefault.jpg” caption=”Jim Burtnick’s presentation at BILD Condo”]


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