How the Silver Burtnick team is getting ready for Covid-19

Our Team’s Reaction To COVID-19 And Protocols We Are Following.

04.28.20 | Toronto & Neighbourhoods

Our COVID-19 Update.

I hope that this update finds you and your family healthy and safe. Since mid-March our team has been connecting only through technology and each of us has been working hard to share with clients, colleagues, friends and family. Life has changed, there is no going back to what was so we must move forward into our new reality.

While sheltering in place, we have been focused on implementing some new technology. Creativity is key in a time where face-to-face meetings will be unusual. We have been updating our systems, adding Zoom conferencing and learning as much as we can from some of the brightest minds in the World, flocking to YouTube to share.

Zoom Office Meeting…

If you or your family members need any assistance, we are happy to meet you online, share our computer screens with you and help you learn. Everything you need to know is on YouTube or Google. We have been sharing a lot of best practices from our colleagues and coaches around the world and implementing them.

So how is our way of business changing?

As background, Silver Burtnick & Associates have always been strong advocates of technology from the early days of cellphones, Internet and websites. We have been excited to embrace change. (Richard had one of the first “Cantel” phones, two months before the now Rogers system went live and cut his computer teeth on a Commodore 64.)

Adapting to a Shifting Market
Adapting to a Shifting Market

Adapting to a Shifting Market

One year ago, Richard was in Chicago speaking to the agents at Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty about “Adapting to a Shifting Market”. The Chicago market was not performing well and Richard and Kevin B. Brown, a colleague from New York City, both long time realtors, were speaking about change. Who knew that one year later we would be living through the biggest “shift’ we will experience in our lives?

Silver Burtnick & Associates are committed to moving forward, being creative and assisting our clients to buy and sell when needed. There is a lot of paralysis in the market today, but our focus must be to move forward into the new frontier. We expect that this will not be a quick fix but are committed to helping you achieve your goals. Our goal continues to be “Making Home Dreams Reality”.

We are “Embracing Technology” More Than Ever!

Embracing Technology

To accomplish this:

1) We have a coronavirus entry location in each property with Lysol wipes, gloves, and
paper booties. All visitors to the property must follow and sign strict COVID-19 protocols before entry.

2) Besides having hi-definition photos of properties, we are now posting 3D Virtual tours of properties (Matterport Tours) that allow access.

3) We are now posting “Video Walkthroughs” of all our listings where we can point out the special features of each property. These are all available by request to buyers or
viewable on, Facebook and Instagram.

4) We will attend and offer Virtual Showings for buyers who are concerned about entering properties.

5) We have been and will continue to host Virtual Open Houses on the Real Estate Portals like, the TRREB Public Websites and and These are regularly shared with our strong International
distribution partners.

6) We will and have done Virtual Consultations with sellers to help them assess the value of their property. We have access to the latest up-to-date technology that allows us to get a sense of value without physical entry to the property. We recently sold a property that was listed post-COVID-19 protocols but through the use of older photos, were able to bring it to market and sell it for just under the asking price.

7) We also have used Virtual Staging pre-coronavirus with success and if needed will
explore that option with you if needed.

8) We can arrange for our stager and declutter service providers to join us on a Zoom call that would enable us to prepare your property using existing furnishings and putting our best foot forward.

Please know that we are here to answer your questions or just to chat about the weather…Remember: Our goal is to “Make Your Home Dreams Reality”.

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