What to Look For in a Results-Driven Real Estate Team

07.16.19 | Media Mentions

Jim and Richard were recently interviewed by Inman News about assembling an effective real estate team. Read the original interview at Inman.com.

For senior real estate advisors Richard Silver and Jim Burtnick, partnering brings a breadth of knowledge and a balance of skills.

Teamwork, like any relationship, requires negotiation and compromise. But for many luxury real estate agents, it pays dividends. A productive partnership can help reduce workloads for everyone while driving more business with a wider network of clients.

“My advice for people looking to partner who haven’t done it before: make sure that your strengths and weaknesses are not identical,” says Jim Burtnick, a senior real estate advisor with Canada Sotheby’s International Realty in Toronto, Canada.

You want someone who complements you: you might be strong in the customer service aspect but they might be strong in the networking aspect.

His business partner and fellow senior advisor Richard Silver agrees. “You’ve got people who are specialists in certain things,” he says. “There’s always a better person on the team to make sure the client is looked after.”

Watch this video to dive into how collaboration and shared accomplishments can make success so much more rewarding. “I think it’s really a case where the sum is greater than the parts,” says Burtnick.