Technology: IPhone vs. Blackberry or Touch Screen vs. Qwerty

03.13.09 | Technology

istock_000006607215xsmallI have been a “Crackberry” for years…It is so bad that I have a second Blackberry in waiting in case my first one needs fixing…

However, I have been going back and forth over the IPhone or the Blackberry Storm (both are the cool touch screen models). While I have really enjoyed my Blackberry Bold, it is not touchscreen and just does not seem to be as cool as a cool techie like me should be using….but here is my reasoning:

I send a lot of text messages, emails, SMS’s and have even been known to Blog and write articles on my Blackberry Bold. I tried to write an email on a friends IPhone when they first came out. I found it really hard to do and even though I was encouraged that there was a training period for you to establish a bond, I found myself spending more time in spellcheck…I have had some REALTOR friends who have gone to the IPhone or Storm only to come back a few weeks later. Surfers love them but Texters are frustrated.

The visuals on the IPhone and the Storm cannot be beat and the coolness is great. I guess I will have to wait for the next iteration which will probably be a combination or Touchscreen and Qwerty keyboard. At the rate of Technology, that should be soon.

IPhone and Storms users, feel free to convince me by adding comments below:

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11 thoughts on “Technology: IPhone vs. Blackberry or Touch Screen vs. Qwerty

  1. I have looked at all my friends crackberry’s and could not even imagine what life would be like without my iPhone. I have absolutely no problem with keyboard, in fact the keyboard on a blackberry is harder to use. All my friends who have switched to an iphone have never looked back

  2. Hi Richard,
    I had to pipe in here, being a self-professed addict.
    I can’t comment on the Blackberry other than to say, I would only consider the touchscreen version.
    As for the Iphone, the keyboard gets better with more use for two reasons. One, you become better at it naturally. Secondly, the predictive typing becomes more refined based on your personal use.
    Thus far, you can only type in a portrait mode. Hopefully, a new update will provide for a more forgiving landscape mode.
    The best thing about the Iphone in my opinion are the Apps, although RIM recently announced their own version.
    By only beef (although a big one) with the Iphone is the battery life.
    On another note, if you haven’t done so already, take a look at the “Google Voice” announcement, and particularly the ‘Features link”. This will be huge.

  3. You live in Canada –
    You live in Toronto!
    You must root for the home team “BLACKBERRY ALL THE WAY!”
    I found out that if you are serious about mobile communications you should always carry two phones. I carry the iphone on AT&T and the Blackberry on Verizon.
    For awhile I had the HTC G1 Googlephone. Great OS but funky hardware. I don’t miss it.
    This spring Blackberry is planning to launch their “application warehouse.” This will really help application developers by creating a storefront that connects products and people. Given that Blackberry has many times the user base as iphone – developers will create their Blackberry build first.
    Get ’em all!

  4. Both phones are multimedia platforms are opening new possibilities to market real estate properties for sale. IPhone seems to be more video friendly, but Blacberry can do it .
    The fact that you are able to present your listings by pulling the mobile device out of your pocket featuring full motion video with sound and graphics seems to me pretty cool and tech savvy. Don’t you agree?!
    Richard I am willing to offer complementary sample video for your blackberry or IPhone.
    Just let me know if you are interested.

  5. Thanks all….I don’t know if it is so much a Blackberry vs. IPhone issue as it is a touchscreen vs. keyboard thing. Victor…the idea of both would be great but “I have only one belt to give!”.

  6. My telephone supplier is trying to steer me towards switching to the IPhone, after using the TREO for years.
    Amazing web browser and more, but my concern is that e-mails have to be pulled. Only reason why I may end up with a Blackberry instead.
    Am I missing something here ? Please clarify

  7. Tom,
    The whole push argument is no longer valid. You do have options with Push with Iphone such as Google Sync or MobileMe. For ex, I use MobileMe which is offered by Apple. Among other things, it allows for push email technology and also provides for over-the-air synchronization of contacts, mail and calendars across multiple computers. As an example, you’re on the road, update your calendar with an appointment on your iphone. With mobileme, your other computers such as laptop and desktop are updated accordingly.
    It’s $99 per year. I’ve used it for some time now and I’m happy with it thus far. Google Synch option is free but seems best for those who use Google web-based calendar only (ie no Outlook)…something I’m considering.
    It’s difficult to recommend one slam dunk solution for everyone.

  8. Personally, I think that the IPhone and the Storm are both really cool and offer a lot. It is the keyboarding on either that I worry about. Also, Carl to your discussion, the Blackberry Sync to MSOutlook is so easy. I love the Google Web-based Calendar but at this point need to consolidate rather than add yet another program. It also seems that if you wait five Technology minutes, it will change again…

  9. Tom,
    My suggestion: if your phone supplier is encouraging you, ask him for a one week test drive of each and see how you like them. The best one will be the one that you use consistantly!

  10. Ha! after my experiences over the past 4 years moving to Toronto from NYC with my touch screen PalmTreo 650 being all but FORCED onto a Blackberry by rabid RE/MAX advocates, then getting a first generation Iphone from the States and unlocking it myself, I’ve been dying to write a review.
    In a nutshell, if the Blackberry Bold had a touch screen but kept the keyboard (must have tactilicity for texting while driving, there I said it) and more apps, I”d be in PDA heaven. There was a time that I was carrying a BB with Bell an Iphone with Rogers and switching the sim card back and forth from it to the Treo. Of them all, barring the push/pull email problem at the time, the Treo was by far the best. However by the time the 7100 came out, I’d given up and gone BB Curve, still whining and complaining and missing the Treo650’s touch screen and intuitive interface (at least for me) That clickwheel on the side of the BB was the worst and not having it is by far the best upgrade with the Bold from my perspective. There’s still a lot of redundant clicking needed to navigate around the interface but I’m at least content now with the Blackberry Bold and can do my job without the frustration of switching between THREE phones or touching the screen by mistake with no result. If the Iphone had a tactile keyboard…I might switch back. The solution? put a touchscreen on the BOLD and I’d be bordering on happy.

  11. Hi Richard,
    In case you haven’t seen it (nor made a purchase), I would highly recommend a review of the new Iphone OS 3.0 here:
    If you do view the video, you can skip to about the 57th minute to see the new user upgrades. Most of the discussion prior to that relates to developers.
    Apple has gone ahead and addressed most of the issues raised by it’s users including cut, copy and paste, horizontal type, MMS (mutlimedia messaging), notes sync, VoiceMemo (which you can email), global search…over 100 upgrades in total.
    Can’t wait for the release.

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