Top 10 Toronto Murals on Instagram

Top 10 Toronto Murals on Instagram

08.5.20 | Toronto & Neighbourhoods

One of the greatest things about Toronto is its vibrant arts and culture scene, and the street art is a big part of it. Turning the grey walls into bright pieces of art, graffiti have become part and parcel of Toronto’s urban landscape. And Torontonians are absolutely loving it! Their Instagram feeds are bursting with pictures from Toronto street art. We’ve chosen the top 10 most popular Toronto murals on Instagram to help you find the best destination for your next photo walk.

1. Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley, also known as Rush Lane, is a home for, perhaps, the most popular collection of street art in Toronto. The alley is located between Queen St. and Richmond St. and its walls are covered with graffiti from top to bottom.

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2. Underpass Park

Underpass Park is a unique community park located under the Eastern Avenue, Richmond and Adelaide overpasses. It used to be just a neglected underpass before revitalization project by Waterfront Toronto transformed it into a beautiful and hip public space.

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3. Kensington Market

Kensington Market is one of the most eclectic and vibrant neighbourhoods in Toronto, and probably the most photographed one too. And the beautiful street art of Kensington Market definitely adds to its charm.

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4. Bloor St. W and Howland St.

This beautiful mural is a creation of a Toronto based street artist Nick Sweetman. As part of the city’s StreetARToronto (START) program, he worked on this mural as a tribute to the National Pollinator Week to support the protection of the dying off bees.

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5. Bloor St. West and Shaw St.

The eye-catching “Make Good” graffiti is located on a side of the building of Studio 835 – a hip artist center for designers, artists, musicians, photographers and film-makers. This stunning mural serves as an inspiration not only for the artists from Studio 835 but also for Instagrammers.

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Photo by 1lyf.2_liv

6. Barbara Hall Park

It seems logical that this graffiti is located in a park named after Barbara Hall – the first Toronto mayor to march in the Pride Parade. You can find Barbara Hall park with its beautiful murals and cute rainbow lights near the intersection of Church St. and Wellesley St.

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7. Gerrard India Bazaar

Toronto’s “Little  India”, or Gerrard India Bazaar is located in Leslieville, one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Toronto. India Bazaar is the largest South Asian Market Place in North America and it has its own unique vibe and its stunning graffiti are a part of it.

Photo by nonelikejose

8. Bathurst and Harbord

If you go for a nice walk in Toronto’s Annex, make sure you don’t miss this spot. You can find this colourful bear graffiti on the wall of the funky teahouse and board games spot Bampot on the corner of Harbord and Bathurst. You can continue following the James Hales Lane to see more beautiful murals painted in a similar style.

Photo by torontoweststreetart. Check out more stunning photos on her Toronto Street Art blog.

9. Toronto Carpet Factory

This stunning mural is painted near the heritage building of Toronto Carpet Factory in Liberty village. The graffiti has become one of the favourite backgrounds for Torontonians’ wedding photos! Not to mention the building itself is spectacular. Built between 1899 and the 1920s as an actual carpet factory, it is now repurposed as a creative office space. You can find the carpet graffiti at the back wall of the School restaurant on the intersection of Fraser Avenue and Liberty Street.

Photo by diaries_of_jane

10. Dundas West

You can find this and several more murals at Dundas and Brock in Toronto’s Little Portugal. On the photo is one of the two murals unveiled in July 2017 and painted by the indigenous Mapuche artists from Chile – Paula Ferrer and Aner Urra. This graffiti was created to honour Violeta Parra, a Chilean singer-songwriter and activist.

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