TRAVEL: Antarctica Trip Part 1

01.17.10 | Travel

Here is Part 1 of our photos of Antarctica. The trip was from Santiago Chile’ to Rio de Janeiro and is in 3 parts.

Here are the photos of our trip to Antarctica, a 20 day cruise on HollandAmerica from Chile to Brazil.

Click on View Photo to see High Resolution photos of the journey.

Dec 21          Valparaiso, Chile
Dec 22          At sea
Dec 23          Puerto Montt, Chile
Dec 24          At sea
Dec 25          At sea, Strait of Magellan, 570 km long, 2 km large
Dec 26          Punta Arenas. Chile’s southernmost city
Dec 27          Ushuaia, Argentina, 55 degrees latitude south, southernmost city in the world
Dec 28          Cape Horn, most southern point of the continent, 424 m height
Dec 29-30               Antarctica, 99% ice covered
Dec 31          Elephant Island where Shackleton’s expedition were stranded for 135 days in 1915
Jan 1                   At sea, where the sun shines about 20 hours a day, about 1 Celsius
Jan 2                   Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, 500 km east of Argentina
Jan 3-4                 At sea
Jan 5                   Buenos Aires (Paris of the South), Argentina, established in 1536
Jan 6                   Montevideo, Uruguay, port was close due to strong winds
Jan 7-8         At sea
Jan 9-10                Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 1565

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