Restaurants in Downtown Toronto Offering Unforgettable Meal Kits

5 Downtown Eateries Offering Unforgettable Meal Kits

11.26.20 | Food & Dining Out

While we’ve all experienced our fair share of frustration in recent months, there’s no shortage of things that make day-to-day life a pleasure. Food is one of them. Of course, it’s not just the act of eating that’s enjoyable. Preparing a meal can be a wonderful way to pass the time—especially when you have new recipes and the freshest ingredients at your disposal. That’s where meal kits come in.

Fortunately, some of the most exciting restaurants in Downtown Toronto want to make preparing delicious dishes a breeze! Here are five places offering elevated meal kits in the downtown core…

1) Barberian’s Steak House

Who doesn’t love Barberian’s? This steakhouse is a Toronto institution, and there’s a reason it’s been serving patrons for over 60 years. The ambiance and wine selection (there are over 30,000 bottles in the cellar) may be part of it, but most devotees go for the food! Fortunately, you can continue savouring the restaurant’s signature dishes (including dry-aged steaks, butchered in-house) during the pandemic.

Barberian’s meal kits, which change every week, are worth the $100 price tag (for two people). The cuts of meat are a thing of beauty—and the sides (which range from heavenly corn chowder to ready-to-roast Brussels sprouts) will leave you wanting seconds. You’ll also get exclusive cooking tips to walk you through the process—and help you become a masterful home chef.

2) Wvrst

Ready to order something a little different? Take a break from the pizza and pad thai to enjoy a hearty German feast. Wvrst serves up everything from pretzels to currywurst sausage to duck fat fries, not to mention a wide selection of brews and ciders.

Right now, it’s all available for delivery and pickup (along with pantry items such as preserved beets and potato salad). Get in touch to make an order from the Union Station location—then fire up the stove, fill up your plate, and let the craft beer flow!

3) Miku

As far as we’re concerned, Miku is one of the best Japanese eateries in the city—let alone downtown. Its gorgeous cuts of fish, combined with fresh and unexpected flavours, have made the restaurant’s kaiseki menu incredibly popular. Now it’s providing a must-try option to prepare at home.

You can order Miku’s Temaki Sushi Meal Kit through Loblaws. Assemble your handrolls using high-quality ingredients (which include spicy salmon, pickled daikon, and perfectly-prepared sushi rice, among others). For just $55—and a $5 delivery fee—you can get this bundle of deliciousness delivered straight to your door. (Oh, and for all you taco enthusiasts, there’s also a PC Chef’s Meal Kit from La Carnita, too).

4) General Assembly

While every night can’t be pizza night, we’re definitely big fans of the perfect savoury slice. That’s why we’re thrilled that Bay Street’s General Assembly is offering kits that allow us all to prepare its famous pies at home. Italian food lovers, rejoice!

We’re talking about a place that, according to Toronto Life, serves up the city’s “best pizza right now.” With naturally-leavened dough and truly inspired flavour combinations, it’s no wonder General Assembly has been recognized by the magazine. If you’re planning to order a kit tonight, you can’t go wrong with a classic: the margarita.

5) 852 Curbside Collective

If you’re looking for variety, check out 852 Curbside Collective. This group of local Toronto businesses is putting out an exciting selection of foods available for pickup. First off, there are the kits. From burgers to brunches to vegan picnic spreads, these bundles contain everything you need to whip up something impressive.

If you’re looking for prepared foods or pantry items, this collective on King West also has an online market. Enticing options include fennel and ale vegan sausages, bake-at-home miso cinnamon buns, and Asian caesar salad (think nori and sesame seeds). Need we say more?

Are you ready to find the perfect home within walking distance to the best restaurants in Downtown Toronto? Reach out to learn how we can help you purchase your perfect place!

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