5 Top Schools in Central Toronto

5 Top Schools in Central Toronto

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For some home buyers, living close to the action is a must. The good news is, many neighbourhoods in Central Toronto are great places to live—and not just for young professionals. There’s no shortage of family-friendly communities here, and high-quality schools are one of their biggest draws.

Here are five fantastic elementary options to consider near the centre of the city…

1) Orde Street Public School

The South Annex (also known as Harbord Village) is one of the most colourful little enclaves in Toronto’s core. It’s also a great place to grow up—and get an education. Orde Street Public School, which boasts an impressive score of 8.4 from the Fraser Institute, is a local favourite. These halls of learning have been serving the community since 1914, and they still reflect the area’s diverse population. Importantly, students also score well on EQAO tests in reading, writing, and math.

2) Rosedale Junior Public School

Life in Rosedale is perfect for families. From its majestic homes to the peace, quiet, and privacy it provides, this neighbourhood has it all. If you have little ones, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s home to one of the best learning environments in the city. Rosedale Junior Public School receives an incredible 9.9 out of 10 from the Fraser Institute. Founded in 1891, it’s well-known for its focus on academic excellence and enriching the creativity of its students.

3) Cottingham Junior Public School

Summerhill is beloved for its heritage housing stock, pretty green spaces, and vibrant local amenities. In this central neighbourhood lies Cottingham Junior Public School, a learning institution that earns a 9.2 ranking from the Fraser Institute. Students enjoy an education that extends beyond academics to include the arts, technology, and sports. Parents who want to be closely involved in their children’s schooling are in luck, as Cottingham is all about fostering collaboration between family members and staff.

4) Downtown Alternative School

Could your little one benefit from a more tailored approach to learning? Alternative schools fit the bill. This unique model is interested in innovative approaches, community involvement, and (as a rule) smaller populations for more one-on-one attention. Downtown Alternative School is no exception. Not far from St. Lawrence Market, this urban gem is all about keeping kids curious and engaged—and it receives an 8.4 from the Fraser Institute for its efforts.

5) John Ross Robertson Junior Public School

Another longstanding neighbourhood institution, John Ross Robertson Junior Public School has been around since 1921. Located in beautiful Lytton Park, it’s known for its 9.2 Fraser Institute score, its great french immersion program, and its dedicated school council (which encourages parental involvement). John Ross Robertson also seeks to provide students with a well-rounded education that includes character building. From “empathy” to “co-operation” to “honesty,” the school focuses on a different trait each month.

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