Introducing REALM: Next-Level Luxury Real Estate Technology

Introducing REALM: Next-Level Luxury Real Estate Technology

06.28.21 | Technology

It seems every industry has been profoundly changed by digital technology, and real estate is no different. While some of the apps and platforms that have been launched will (unfortunately) fade into obscurity, others are so useful that they’re sure to stand the test of time.

REALM falls squarely into the latter category. This data-driven platform is changing how agents who handle luxury transactions do business—and, by extension, the level of service that their buyers and sellers receive.

Here’s what you should know about this game-changing technology…


How REALM works

So, what’s REALM all about? To find out, we spoke to founding partner Brennan Buckley. “Luxury real estate is being done in silos,” says Buckley, adding, “there’s never been anything that pulls all the walls down and gets top agents working together.”

All too often, a Sotheby’s agent in Toronto will wind up working only with other Sotheby’s agents in Toronto. In the luxury market, that’s not always the best way to help buyers and sellers.

By connecting what they call “a collection of the most accomplished real estate professionals ever assembled,” REALM is making it easier for agents to tear down boundaries—and work more efficiently for their clients.

Here’s how it works. REALM is invitation only, and each member is carefully vetted. Once accepted, they upload their client base and listings to the platform (this data is encrypted and highly secure). A sophisticated lifestyle profile is generated for each client—and then used to match them with properties they’ll love.

What this means is, a New York agent can see if an agent in Toronto has a property that would be perfect for one of their clients. From there, they can pick up the phone and connect!


Viewing luxury as a lifestyle

In order to help agents match home hunters with their ideal properties (and assist sellers in finding the right buyers), REALM focuses on lifestyle. The platform’s ability to generate highly accurate profiles is one of the keys to its success.

So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, Tudor-style home close to fly fishing in Colorado, the profile created for you will help your agent find a home that checks all your boxes. If you’re on the seller side, REALM will allow the professional you work with to market your home to the right people—and maximize its exposure to other top agents.

In addition, REALM uses its lifestyle profiles to help agents provide their clients with curated content. That includes exclusive pieces from partners like Luxe magazine. In other words: the next real estate professional you work with might be the one to send you that must-read article that seems like it was written for you!


The power of connection

REALM uses buzz-worthy artificial intelligence (AI) to sift through its data, but Brennan Buckley is quick to point out that it’s a means to an end. Ultimately, it’s about connecting professionals so they can better serve their clients.

“We believe that people—that agents, that trusted advisors—are always in the middle of that conversation, and always will be,” says Buckley. “Once that conversation starts, their expertise takes over.” It’s this combination of technology and human interaction, along with a focus on lifestyles, that makes REALM so compelling.

Some of the biggest agents in North America are using this exciting new platform, which is ready to establish a global presence. So if you buy or sell a luxury home in the years ahead, don’t be surprised to learn that REALM played a role!

See The REALM website here.


Interview With Brennan Buckley


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