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Our Top 7 Favourite Real Estate Apps

06.28.21 | Technology

Real estate agents have their fingers on the pulse of the market. To be successful, they have to be ahead of trends with a strong intuition and sense for what’s to come. Whether it’s knowing the best up-and-coming neighbourhoods or predicting market trends. If you want to know what’s on the cusp of blowing up, ask a real estate agent. 

The same goes for technology. Real estate agents are always looking for the best technology to improve their efficiency and make their lives easier. In today’s busy market, they have to do everything they can to streamline their processes and organize their lives. 

Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you all about the suite of programs and apps they rely on to do their job. Here are a few of our favourite real estate apps…


Virtual StagingVisit Website

As we move further into the digital world, virtual staging is becoming more common. Wowzler is an excellent tool for virtual staging projects. The photography process takes a couple of hours and results are delivered to you and your agent within a week. Wowzler’s virtual staging process is more sustainable, less expensive, and quicker than traditional staging and renovations. Sellers often recoup more from the sale with virtual staging. There are many cases when virtual staging is preferred over traditional methods.


Networking & CollaborationVisit Website

REALM is a global membership app for the highest-performing real estate agents across the world. It’s a collaborative networking tool created by some of the most experienced and informed real estate experts across the globe. REALM is designed to foster connections between high-performing agents, providing a platform to help match buyers and sellers. This powerful referral network is beneficial for all parties involved.

For more information on REALM check out this blog post that features a full-length interview with founding partner Brennan Buckley.

Curate by Sotheby’s

Virtual StagingVisit Website

Just as virtual staging is starting to become more prevalent, augmented reality (AR) is quickly becoming standard practice. Especially during the pandemic, when in-person visits became less frequent, tools like Curate by Sotheby’s is helpful to provide an immersive experience for buyers who want to truly picture themselves in space before buying. Curate takes things a step further by enabling users to design and furnish the space, even helping purchase furniture and decor all in one place.


Electronic Signatures & AgreementsVisit Website
DocuSign Signature

Gone are the days when we would need to print contracts out in duplicate, schedule a meeting with a client, and sign paper copies of everything. Today, people are far too busy to make a special appointment just to sign papers. Apps like DocuSign are perfect for facilitating the signing process. Everything is digital and you can place an e-signature with just the click of a button. When the document is “complete” it gets emailed to all parties involved–much easier than printing, photocopying, and then storing contracts and important documents.


Transactions CalendarVisit Website

Clozio is an elegant way for agents and clients to keep organized. In addition to providing comprehensive checklists to manage all transaction tasks, the app also provides clients with a transparent look at what really goes into a real estate transaction. This tool helps agents work from anywhere while ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks and keeps clients well-informed on their deal’s status.


GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live NavigationVisit Website

For anyone–not just agents–who need to efficiently move around the city, Waze is really the only option. Based on crowd-sourced data, Waze helps travellers find the fastest way to their destinations. For agents who are always on the road travelling to listing presentations, showings, and more, Waze helps us avoid traffic, construction, and more. It works because it’s a collaborative platform that is always changing as users continue to notify the app about changing road conditions. The result is real-time info to help you reach your destination faster. 


Graphic DesignVisit Website

If you aren’t a professional graphic designer, Canva is your new best friend. This is an excellent online tool for creating beautiful posters, social media posts, and more. With editable templates and an extensive library of design elements, Canva is perfect for creating quick and beautiful graphics. 

What’s Next? 

With each year, new apps are coming out to help make our lives easier. Real estate agents are continually improving their processes, increasing efficiency, and finding new ways to make their clients happy. These are just a few of the apps we use to get it done. 

Looking to buy or sell? Reach out today to learn how we use technology to benefit our clients.

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