Rightsizing Your Home

Rightsizing with Silver Burtnick & Associates: What to Expect

10.29.21 | Downsizing

Are you ready to make the move into a smaller home? Many people refer to this step as downsizing, but we like to think of it as “rightsizing.” That’s because the process isn’t just about finding a place with less square footage. It’s about locating a smaller living space that’s a perfect fit for your lifestyle. It’s also about remembering your history while looking forward to the future!

We’re experts when it comes to helping rightsizers. We’ve got the process down to a science—and we’d like to share our approach with you.

If you consider rightsizing with us, here’s what you can expect…

Long-standing Buying and Selling Expertise

It’s no secret that buying a home can be both life-changing and stressful. From obtaining pre-approval to crafting an appealing offer to negotiating for the best price, a lot goes into purchasing your ideal living space.

Selling your home can be just as complex—and lead to anxiety if it’s not done right. Between setting a strategic price, staging for success, and meeting any relevant conditions before closing, the process can feel overwhelming.

Whether you’re buying or selling, it takes a true real estate expert to ensure that your transition is seamless. That’s doubly true when you’re carrying out these steps at the same time. Doing it well is what rightsizing is all about!

When we help you through the process, we focus on both sides. We understand each process through and through—and know the importance of timing, logistics, and precise coordination. It’s all about optimizing the moving parts of your purchase and sale and turning them into one smooth, low-stress experience.

For us, helping rightsizers is personal. In fact, Richard Silver and his partner recently went through this journey together—and it was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. You can read all about it here!

In-Depth Community Knowledge

Often, one of the best things about rightsizing is having the opportunity to live in a vibrant, walkable neighbourhood. The truth is, if you’re moving from a quiet residential area to somewhere in the city’s core, life can get a lot more exciting.

Of course, not every rightsizer wants to live in St. Lawrence Market or the Distillery District. But if that is your style, we can help you discover the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. If you’d prefer somewhere a little quieter, we can still assist you in finding the perfect place! Our local expertise extends to all kinds of communities—because we’re passionate about this city, and we believe in matching buyers with their ideal area.

We start by asking the right questions. Are you planning to use transit regularly? Do you want to live close to retail, restaurants, and entertainment? When it comes to living spaces, do you prefer a modern condo, historic loft, or something else altogether? Envisioning your ideal future lifestyle will help us find neighbourhoods that could be a great match.

Your budget is another critical piece of the puzzle. We know Toronto’s local markets, which means we can help you understand how much you’ll likely get for your current home—and how far those dollars could go in whichever potential neighbourhoods you’re considering.

Interested in learning more about the incredible Toronto neighbourhoods where we work? You can discover some of our favourite communities in our guides right here!

Helpful Local Connections

To rightsize successfully, you need more than just a real estate specialist in your corner. From lawyers and financial advisors to declutterers, home-repair experts, and stagers, the list is typically a long one. Finding trusted professionals with proven track records can be a full-time job—one that very few rightsizers have time for.

The good news is, the right real estate agent can be your go-to resource for this information. They’ll have a strong local network made up of professionals they know and trust. Even better, they’ll know how to coordinate with these experts to make your journey smooth and successful.

We see building relationships as a crucial part of the job. That feeling extends to other professionals, as well as our clients. Luckily, knowing the right people comes in very handy when we’re helping you rightsize!

Are you getting ready to rightsize (or downsize)? Whatever you call it, you can go into the process feeling informed by reading these relevant resources!

One Word: Compassion

We aim to make rightsizing as low stress as possible while highlighting its exciting possibilities. At the same time, we know that making this life transition isn’t always easy—especially if you’ve lived in the same home for a long time.

Leaving a place where so many memories have been created is challenging, to put it mildly. While you may feel a little sad, we hope to make things easier by talking not just about your needs and wish list, but any worries you may have.

From there, we can help you weigh your options, offer advice based on long-standing experience, and come up with creative solutions to address your concerns. This process should be about finding ways to honour your past while taking full advantage of current opportunities.

From selling your home seamlessly and for the best possible price to finding and securing a place you’ll love, rightsizing can be complex. Fortunately, with the right planning and expertise, you can make it a truly memorable experience. We’re here to help you make that happen!

Are you ready to start rightsizing? Learn more about our approach to selling and how we help you buy, or get in touch to start a conversation with us here.