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5 Seller Insights From “The Magic of Listing”

06.7.21 | Selling

There’s just something about watching a video. Whether it’s an Old Hollywood motion picture, a brand new thriller on Netflix, or even a short film on youtube. Can you see where we’re going with this?

Our latest youtube video, “The Magic of Listing,” is partly about movies—and their immersive power. It also contains some super helpful information for home sellers. If you’re thinking of listing in the not-too-distant future, we hope you’ll give it a whirl. You may not have time to heat up a bag of popcorn, but we think you’re going to enjoy it.

Once you’re finished watching, check out the top five seller insights from our short film…


1) Listing is a seemingly effortless process…

When a movie is crafted with care, it feels seamless. It’s as though everything has just come together. Listing a home should be the same way. From your initial consultation with us to pricing your home to marketing it to buyers, the whole process should feel effortless for you. Of course, your needs, goals, and input will be crucial (for example, we’ll advise you on pricing, but the decision is ultimately yours). But beyond that, every step should feel entirely smooth.

2) But there’s actually a lot of effort involved

Of course, on our end, there’s a lot of hard work going on. We’re strategizing to determine the best way to position your home in the market. When we advise you on price, we’ve done extensive local research to provide the best possible guidance. When we prepare your property, we carefully assess each room, envisioning its full potential. Our marketing efforts are carefully thought out and strategic. It’s a lot like the production of a film—where a large cast and crew spends countless hours bringing their movie to life.

3) Collaboration is key

Just as producing a movie can only happen if a talented group of professionals come together, listing a home requires collaboration. From our staging designer to our decluttering professionals to our home inspector, we work closely with local experts who are the best in their fields. With our closest team members, we consider your home’s most likely buyers. We think carefully about how best to reach them—and work out the logistics to make it happen. It requires commitment, skill, and imagination.

4) Every detail matters

A truly immersive film has been edited to perfection. We feel the same way about every home we list. When we’re preparing a property, there’s no detail too small to consider. From faded paint in the bathroom to a door that sometimes squeaks, we’ll look at every potential improvement—and decide which ones need to be tackled. During their assessment, our home inspector will also give us a heads up about any potential issues we may need to take care of before listing.

5) Seller’s play a role, too

Of course, you also have a part in the process. Simply put, we want you to enjoy it. The transformation can be truly impressive, and many sellers get a lot of pleasure out of watching it unfold. While you can always weigh in, provide opinions, and ask questions, you’re also welcome to spend all your time looking forward to a smooth sale and impressive return. It’s a lot like watching a movie—with a much bigger reward at the end!

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