Confessions of a COVID Baker. Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Confessions of a COVID Baker.

01.18.21 | Business

COVID Baking

So much has changed over the past months and our World has turned upside down. After Sales, Zooms and Netflix, I had the time and energy to try a new hobby.

I grew up with a mother who would go on a baking spree when she knew I was coming for a visit. She would make “Mandelbrot” or as we called it out in western Canada ComishBriot and Honey Cake. For the first few days of our visit, there would be dessert at every meal. Then after the third day, she would look at me and say “When you go back home, you are going to be SO FAT!!”. Of course, the obvious question is “why did you make all that?”

Almost a year ago, I started baking and luckily my cousin Jack married into a family of cooks and bakers. His wife Susan Mendelson and her twin sister Lynn are amazing models, who love to eat and feed their friends and family. They have both taken it to the next level and offer catering services in both Vancouver and Toronto. Susan has written a number of books and can be also found under her company name, The Lazy Gourmet.

Susan Mendelson, The Lazy Gourmet
Susan Mendelson of Vancouver’s Lazy Gourmet

Many texts went back and forth as I tried some of her recipes and she has been unbelievably patient with my questions. Recently I thought it might be fun to take some of those recipes to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and the reaction has been great so far. I have after a year, come out as a COVID Baker.

This is not a new business for me, (I still love Real Estate) but a hobby to keep a “type A” personality busier in times of COVID-19. Also, it does have a great side effect as I like to bring home-baked goods to clients and colleagues and until we locked down Open Houses, you could always find cookies there. I have always been a big believer in “If you feed them they will come!”

Here is the first YouTube video and one of my favourite desserts: SOUR CREAM COFFEE CAKE

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