What Makes Toronto’s The Beaches Neighbourhood Special?

03.7.24 | Neighbourhoods

Sitting in the east end along the shore of Lake Ontario, The Beaches is one of Toronto’s most interesting neighbourhoods. On top of boasting a unique heritage, charming homes and a plethora of locally-owned small businesses, this quaint enclave is perhaps best known for its one-of-a-kind community ambience. It’s artsy, a little bit eclectic, remarkably convenient, and above all else – neighbourly. The locals love it here, and you will too. 

With all that in mind, it’s not hard to see why there’s so much buzz around The Beaches – and why it’s become one of the city’s most sought-after communities from a real estate perspective.

Keep reading to discover what makes Toronto’s The Beaches neighbourhood so special. 

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Where is The Beaches?

On the map, The Beaches sits east of Coxwell Avenue all the way to Victoria Park Avenue. Sitting south of Kingston Road, the neighbourhood stretches down to the shore of Lake Ontario. However, there is a small enclave in The Beaches’ southwest corner where the formal boundary is set by Lake Shore Boulevard.

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The Beach vs. The Beaches

Another unique character trait of The Beaches is that not everyone can agree on the neighbourhood’s name. Technically, the formal name for the community is The Beaches, however, if you were to ask some of the older residents who’ve lived in the area for multiple generations, they may tell you it’s called ‘The Beach’. 

In fact, back in the day a lot of local businesses and services used this non-plural name. If you were to stroll along Queen Street in decades past you could spot the Beach Theatre or the Beach Streetcar – among a handful of other examples. At the end of the day, this debate is in good fun and most locals won’t mind whichever name you use. 

What’s In a Name?

While The Beaches is the name of the neighbourhood itself, it can also be used to refer to the collection of sandy beaches found there. The Beaches features four side-by-side yet separate beaches: Woodbine Beach, Scarboro Beach, Kew Beach, and Balmy Beach. 

What’s There to Do in The Beaches?

The Beaches is known for its local businesses and shopping. Along Queen Street East, you’ll find independent boutique shopping, trendy vintage stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, and more. There’s also one of Toronto’s newest and most popular concert venues, History, located right in the heart of the neighbourhood. 

Of course, as a waterfront neighbourhood, The Beaches offers all the activities and perks of lakeside living. During the summer months, you can visit any one of the four beaches for sightseeing and relaxing. If you’re looking to hop in the water, Woodbine Beach and Kew Beach are both “Blue Flag” certified for cleanliness and safe swimming. There’s also the beautiful boardwalk, which stretches from one end of the community to the other. As part of the Martin Goodman Trail, it connects walkers, joggers, and cyclists in The Beaches to the rest of Toronto. 

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The Beaches Community Feel

While there are endless ways to spend time in The Beaches, no conversation about the neighbourhood would be complete without mentioning the community dynamic. Residents of The Beaches are famous for their passion, community advocacy, and love of their neighbourhood. 

This dynamic stretches back decades. As the story goes, when the TTC originally began bringing streetcar service to the area, residents would attempt to dig up the recently-laid tracks in an attempt to preserve the neighbourhood’s small town feel. Luckily, this small town feel has lived on in spades, and residents are completely welcoming of newcomers, visitors, and daytrippers alike. 

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